The sound is out there Just a very small sites with some sounds for you! I also would like to recommend you to have a look at the site advertized below! (there are some very cool sound-sets out there, e.g. Syn World).

Please be careful, some of the patches delete data in your EX so save your work before using them!

Sounds & Patches

creator download
Patrik M. (New) pacman.zip
Fredrik Lundberg FlumSounds.zip
Fredrik Lundberg FlumSounds2.zip
John Callaghan igVoices.zip
Franz Push VRSoundcomEx5.ZIP
Lorenzo Cifelli Lolbc03.zip
Dazz (?)  DNOSet.zip
Marc Eyckerman marcE.zip
Marc Eyckerman marcE2.zip

If you want to contribute some Sounds or Patches please send them to 


Please pay attention that the files are sent as binaries. Also look for copyrights of other  persons. Please donīt sent me any patches that violate copyrights! If you see any illegal file, please mail me immediatelly!


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